Thrive has a martial arts program!

Kickboxing?  In a yoga studio?


As an extension of our existing mindful movement arts (yoga) we also offer a mindful martial arts program — which will BURN your calories like mad — for both teens and adults. We teach our students how to be soft and flow, as well as how to be hard and assertive; to breathe, to be mindful, and to push their limit rather than pull their punches.

You’ll get all the high-octane workout pace of fitness kickboxing classes with competitive fighting and self-defense training subtly built into it. And crucially: embodying your power and your healthy reserve of fury as you beat the daylights out of our kickbags.

Current Classes:

Kickboxing and Fight Class

We currently offer night classes AND morning classes!

  • M-T-W-Th: 7:30pm,
  • M-W-F: 6:00am
  • Saturday morning at 8am

We’ve got blended martial arts and fitness instruction programmed by our head instructors and their star team, with an emphasis on mindfulness and practical self-defense; blending striking arts and grappling arts together with the calming focus of yoga techniques to prime the body for right thought and right action when it matters most.Particularly suited for women, but open to mindful gentlemen as well.

Taught by Erin Colleen Geraghty, Matt Murphy, and Joel Matson. Erin is a black belt in Shotokan Karate and teacher of women’s self-defense in Japan, and is also a certified yoga instructor.  Matt Murphy is a Judo and Jiu-Jitsu black belt, and kickboxing enthusiast.  Joel Matson is a jiu-jitusu and karate black belt.  All three have a passion for fight sports and wellness.

Limited spots available! Sign up today for $108 a month or drop in to try a class for $14!


  • bring a friend: if you and a partner, friend (whomever!) join unlimited memberships together, $145 for both members ($72.50 apiece)!
  • Unlimited yoga plus unlimited martial arts: Love yoga and kickboxing?  Softness and hardness in the same disciplined body and mind?  $145 a month for unlimited yoga and kickboxing classes!
  • Free wraps and gloves — if you’re quick!: if you sign up within five days of your first class, we’ll give you your first pair of gloves and boxing wraps FREE!

It’s not just an awesome workout?  So what exactly are we teaching in our fitness-driven martial arts classes?  And why is it unique to Thrive?

We will tell you right up front, this is very different from any other self-defense or martial arts program we’ve personally experienced before introducing it to Thrive.  And it developed organically.

As in our yoga practice, we blend the key ingredients of hardness and softness to complete a practical and empowering whole in our approach.  Tense fighters lose fights, and anxious students forget their lessons.  So our classes are framed with the breath, the postures, and the mindfulness of intention-setting from our yoga practice, which allows for optimal instruction and learning on the part of our students.

Once our students are properly dropped into their body and intentions, we get to the core of our martial arts instruction: a blend of practical striking techniques from kickboxing and Karate blended with grappling techniques from wrestling, Judo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  We tailor the curriculum to feature the most high-percentage proven techniques as seen in sport mixed martial arts competition, and then add whatever is outlawed by that ruleset as appropriate and effective for realistic self-defense.

In other words, we teach practical self-defense from a mixed-martial arts perspective, wrapped in a yoga intro and outro.

Yes, that’s right: we’re essentially teaching MMA training styles in a yoga studio. 

It is not a format that was born fully-formed from our minds, but its organic evolution has proven to be an empowering and effective way for our students to learn martial arts.  We’re sharing everything we’ve learned in an environment without the common pitfalls of a dojo / gym’s big egos and unsafe training conditions for novices.

Limited spots available! Sign up today for $108 a month or drop in to try a class for $14!