Thrive has a martial arts program!

Martial Arts?  In a yoga studio?


As an extension of our existing mindful movement arts (yoga) we also offer a mindful martial arts program — which will BURN your calories like mad — for both teens and adults. We teach our students how to be soft and flow, as well as how to be hard and assertive; to breathe, to be mindful, and to push their limit rather than pull their punches.

You’ll get all the high-octane workout pace of high-intensity fitness classes with competitive fighting and self-defense training subtly built into it. And crucially: embodying your power and your healthy reserve of fury as you beat the daylights out of our kickbags and focus mits, or grapple your opponent to the mat.

Current Classes:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Judo / Submission Wrestling

Use leverage and holds to take down an opponent, pin them into place, and finish them off with a submission hold or strikes!

This style of martial arts is not about punching, kicking, or other strikes, but rather about getting a python grip on your opponent and using your whole body for superior leverage.  This set of martial arts is definitely one of the most thoughtful, like a game of chess with the whole body.  Physics, not freak-outs.  Good for sport OR self-defense!

All classes are currently “no-gi”, so bring compression workout clothes.

These classes are by RSVP, so no unannounced drop-ins.  Contact Coach “Matt Judo Murphy” on Facebook first. We currently offer morning, noon, and night classes

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 6:00am
  • Tuesday, Thursday at NOON
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:00pm

Mixed Martial Arts Striking lab

What kind of striking works, and what doesn’t?  That can be a religious debate, but we’ve distilled the best core techniques as successfully demonstrated in mixed martial arts sport environments as our guide.  We’re drawing from Muay Thai, Western Boxing and kickboxing, and a sampling of whatever traditional material we can successfully incorporate into our game-plans.

This is definitely not as much the traditional environment where the whole class does the same exact workout at the same exact time; this is about developing individual fighters.  So we pair the room into different drilling sections, and make sure each athlete gets what they need, all in an efficient rotation.

We currently offer morning classes, with day and night classes coming soon!  These classes are by RSVP, so no unannounced drop-ins.  Contact Coach “Matt Judo Murphy” on Facebook first.

  • M-W-F: 6:00am,
  • Saturday morning at 7:00am
  • M-W-F: Noon

TO SUMMARIZE: We’ve got blended martial arts and fitness instruction programmed by our head instructors and their star team, with an emphasis on effective fighting technique at the same time as athletic performance.   We can get you in shape but we are also very focused on making sure you actually know how to use this stuff if you ever need to.  The classes are particularly suited for those with a bit of martial arts experience, but we’ll interview newcomers too.

Taught by Matt Murphy and his team of coaches from several different disciplines. Matt Murphy is a Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, and kickboxing / Muay Thai enthusiast.

Limited spots available! Sign up today for $90 a month or drop in to try a class for $10!


  • CYBER MONDAY SAMURAI DEAL: We’re ready to add new members to the mix, so we’ve put together a crazy deal. Unlimited Martial Arts membership is normally $90 / month for all our 6am, noon, and 6pm (M, W, F) classes, but we’re offering 50% off membership for 90 days, for new members only! So that’s $45 per month, lasting three months! To get this deal ASAP, hop on Facebook and send Thrive a chat message, asking for Coach Matt!
  • bring a friend: if you and a partner, friend (whomever!) join unlimited memberships together, $145 for both members ($72.50 apiece)!
  • Unlimited yoga plus unlimited martial arts: Love yoga and kickboxing?  Softness and hardness in the same disciplined body and mind?  $145 a month for unlimited yoga and martial arts classes!

Limited spots available! Sign up today for $90 a month or drop in to try a class for $10!

Interested in learning more?  Fill out the below and Coach Matt will get back to you!

  • Anything from fitness kickboxing, to karate when you were ten years old, to wrestling in high school, to previous BJJ or Judo experience. Don't be shy.