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Welcome to Empowered Serenity Coaching, where I teach you how to heal yourself from the inside out. My name is Erin Geraghty certified recovery coach and yoga therapist.

So this is my first coaching episode on the new show. I was thinking of starting with an introduction of myself and my background, but I want to really dig in to the tools and concepts of my method so you can start to change your life. If you want to know more in depth about me and my story, you can check out my 11 episode podcast or if you’re local to Bradenton/Anna Maria Island check out and under Hosts, you’ll see Erin G and all the episodes are available there. Again, you an also check out the podcast titled inspired journeys for that yumminess as well. So let’s get into it.

So, the title of this podcast is a big claim, yea? And I fully intend to back it up. This episode is an important one to listen to first so you can apply these tools and concepts I’m going to share with you into your self work.
So I want to start with letting you know this, in case you don’t already know.
You create your reality. There I said it.

Yep, it’s true.

But I want to break it down further than that and explain how that process happens and give you some definitions.

First, we have to understand that our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings drive our actions and our actions produce our results in life.

Our thoughts are triggered by a circumstance- which is a situation, words, people. The important thing to recognize is that a circumstance is neutral. It is not until we have a thought which is us forming an opinion or judgement about the circumstance that it creates a vibration in us that is our feeling and we respond to the feeling by taking an action or inaction which ultimate creates our reality.
The key here is that the results always prove the thoughts right and we can trace that back to the orginal thought.

Once we understand that, we start becoming aware of our patterns. For example, if I have the thought I an no good or unworthy, my brain is going to try to prove that correct and I get to know my patterns. For everyone, it is going to show up differently. For example:
Overeating: I am unworthy of a healthy, fit body
Drinking or Drugs: I am unworthy of happiness and peace
Sabotaging a relationship: I am unworthy of love
Career Related: I am unworthy of success
and so forth. Our minds get creative in the business of sabotage and self destruction.

So once we understand our patterns we bring constant awareness when we see ourselves falling into them.

When I first starting really studying myself and my thought patterns, it was exhausting. Ugh. I wanted to hide. I wanted to numb out, and I totally did, quite a few times. Then it was like I would wake up again with a little bit more endurance.

I have been at this process for a while now, and what starts to happen is we create space between our thought and our action.

To further exemplify this, from the yoga sutras…
Example from Patanjali’s yoga sturas page 4 paragraph 4.

So once we start to create space, we have a little wiggle room to redirect our actions a bit.

Eventually we pinpoint the thought that causes the action and try to release that reoccurring thought pattern from our mind.

This brings me to patterns. Your brain likes these patterns so it can function efficiently and not use too much energy. For example, when I first work with clients they refer to being on autopilot and doing actions that they seemingly have no control over. I know this seems like the case when you’re in that moment, but I promise you it’s not. There’s just not space between the thoughts, feelings, and reaction so it seems like it happens simultaneously.

Here’s the catch, without practice, nothing can be achieved.

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