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Unworthiness, Financial Instability, the state of Overwhelm and how to address it

This week’s episode is a live coaching call from a listener of Empowered Serenity Coaching. Listen as I use the tools I’ve been teaching you to help her get some clarity. Along with some laughs and tears, we help to create some space underneath the cloud of overwhelm and disprove some of the belief causing unworthiness and thus financial instability.

It’s amazing how when we disconnect we find ourselves in a space of unworthiness and our lives just seem to fall apart. When we are able to look below the surface of the mind and enter the subconscious with Erin’s coaching techniques, everything starts to become more clear. We are never unworthy, it is only our thoughts that create that reality for us. When we believe the thoughts because of, in this case overwhelm, we forget who we truly are. We are these amazing spiritual beings having a human experience.

Shame and unworthiness is close to my heart because it is what I struggled with for so long. When I was able to have someone hold space for me as we do in coaching, I found it was because of a painful perception and assumption about a relationship and a person that I gave a lot of power to.

Tune in and listen to this episode of live coaching with a beautiful soul.

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