Eleni Sokos on Self Growth and Discovery

In this episode Casey and Erin discuss Asteya, non-stealing from the book, The Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele.

When we are engaged in the joy and challenge of building ourselves, we automatically serve the world rather than steal from it. We have special guest Eleni Sokos, local leader in the community and owner of Sokos Social a Digital Marketing Firm. She shares her story about her journey from the fast track towards law school to completely changing her path towards what she was passionate about. Eleni also talks about showing restraint to allow others to shine on her team. She shares the importance of community and how we build by sharing, encouraging, and sharing our passions together.

“If we are living in fears and lies our dissatisfaction with ourselves and our lives lead us to look outward with a tendency to steal what is not rightfully ours. We steal from others, we steal from the Earth, we steal from the future and we steal from ourselves. We steal from our own opportunity to grow ourselves into the person who has the right to have the life want.”

Casey shares that showing up and being ourselves is a gift to the world. If we are not giving, we are stealing in a sense. We are meant to lift others up and share.

Eleni gives a testimonial about the power of coaching and shifting perspective by looking inward. Before you help others, you must help yourself. She mentions she used to steal her energy, time, and thoughts by trying to do it all and by allowing others to help and share in her journey she has grown tremendously.

You turn into what you want to be by believing what you are. We can dim our own light or we can add wood chips to the fire and shine brighter. What ever you think you are, you are correct and if you keep practicing being real and being yourself, you get better at it. It builds up those neural pathways and we create evidence for ourselves that we can achieve what we put our minds to our we can become the person we dream to be.

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