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binge eating disorder

Erin shares about the food fight and binge eating disorder
I was constantly with myself
Battle was on the inside
So I brought it to the street
I reflected what was on the inside on the outside

Fights with people in school
Fight girl subway
Being uncomfortable with what is
I was angry because I feel like it should be different

Resisting what is
I feel like it should be different

Little shit shouldn’t get under my skin anymore

Ultimate goal
Not have to control my surroundings – to be able to sit in the fire with what is and experience it.

By going into the fire of Tapas we come out stronger and purer on the other side.

Meditation building those muscles
Resisting impulses
You get better and stronger

A new belief system
Sitting with this discomfort
What’s on the other side
It’s not going to control me as much
Keep building up evidence
It doesn’t have to be easy
I can do hard things
Enjoy things in that hard space.
Be able to sit with whatever is coming up for us discomfort but also appreciate what we have created.
Illusion : easy
Greased wheel
Where’s my paddle I’m lost
Illusion it’s supposed to be easy
Something wrong if it’s not easy

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