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Life as a Spiritual Practice

I am traveling and leaving to Thailand, Bali and Japan.

I’m practicing my Japanese more as a result because I’m excited to go back to one of my favorite countries.

It has been amazing how releasing shame and accepting myself, I am able to listen with less distraction.

It’s like the saying about Prayer and Meditation.

When you Pray, You’re speaking to God. When you meditate, you’re listening.

So in my Japanese studies, its like all of a sudden I can understand Japanese where as before I could kind of understand when it was spoken, and speak it, but now there is more space.

I am also a much more receptive student. I understand things easier.

I used to have ADD. It’s true. I was diagnosed. I used to have crippling social anxiety.

Now I am able to hang with a house full of derby girls for a whole weekend and feel awesome , connected, and fulfilled.

There’s magic involved with this recovery stuff, if you do it right I believe.

I know I’m on the right path because of the beautiful words that come out of my mouth.

Sometimes, it’s like my mind crinkles it’s nose like, what the hell did you just say? Where did that come from?

I can see the people I am drawing to me are more heightened spiritually or have more love to share with me.

Check in with yourself.
How are the Results in your life?
Are they what you want them to be?
If not, why?
Don’t be afraid to ask yourself that question without judgement and with curiosity.

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