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Removing Destructive Beliefs

So often we have unquestioned destructive beliefs in our minds that run us on autopilot from the background.

Mine were:
Under pressure I crumble
I can’t handle it
We had a roller derby game this past weekend where I was called upon to be captain. After navigating some destructive beliefs that just wore me down, I did some self coaching and we c
ame back second half as a result. It was so cathartic for me as I healed my destructive beliefs and proved them wrong.

New program coming out as a result

One time my husband and I stayed at my cousins condo and we whelmed up having an amazing weekend, but when it was time to leave we lost the keys. We tore the place apart, and then of course put it back together again. We were both so frustrated at the end that we did something so stupid to lose keys. Right before we were about to call a locksmith, there was one plate on the table from when we had ordered pizza. I flipped over that plate in there it was.

So often we have believe systems like this. They seem harmless. It seems like the answers arent there. When, it’s the one stone that hasn’t been turned over or pizza plate if you will.

So really coming present, noticing how you feel, and then seeing if you could pluck out all the thoughts in your head. Use your inner guidance and emotional response to see where to challenge and question
That’s what I do when I coach people

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