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Sex and love addiction

We want so desperately to be loved, appreciated, acknowledged, told we are pretty
Subconscious beliefs
We are worth something
We matter
We are enough

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying sexy times for the record. Be safe, communicate, have fun ladies and gents.
But what I’m talking about is when we feel like we NEED someone to look at us, fuck us, adore us to be worth something. That is giving away all of our power to someone who didn’t even ask for it. Then we feel like they have power over us to manipulate us, like a puppet.

This is not the case.
But let’s look at why we got there.
We want the things:
Feel good
Feel valuable
Feel worthy

When our partner doesn’t give us those things in the way we want we may be resentful, we may be overall irritated with them, we may seek it in other partners
People can be powerful addictions

Sometimes it’s a good idea to create some space and make sure your intentions are correct.
Are you seeking things in this person you can’t already create in yourself? The relationship will be parasitic then.

My husband and I sought out each other to create different things:
I needed safety

He needed a voice and expression

Together we are working on creating those things from within us. That took me becoming Woke. And also a therapist.
By me creating safety within me, I’m able to take risks in life, and love people deeper. I discovered I’m polyamorous and I can have multiple loving meaningful relationships where everyone grows and communicates.

Check in with yourself
See how you feel
What do you need
How can you give it to yourself
Allow yourself love and appreciation
Create time for yourself to do regular practices

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