Erin and “Professor” Matt Murphy return for the second part of their talk about the importance of myths, storytelling, and how we internalize and reproduce these tales as a culture.  Many differences are drawn between the sorts of myths produced by “Western” cultures, and those of the Hindus, and we get to see a difference in the way those ancient peoples saw the universe around them, and their part in that universe. 

And what does it mean when stories have a quest, and further: what does it mean when we personally have a quest, just like those same stories we cherish? 

Matt also mentions a very personal example of a sort of art-and-writing coaching project he once carried out with a dear friend, making pragmatic use of many ideas discussed in the podcast.  What can you do when you take control of the storytelling?  And how can you find your way back to your quest?  Tune in for more.

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