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Erin is a master life coach, and has diligently practicing her art to the benefit of countless clients.  The experience impacted her so deeply over the years that she eventually opened up an 8-day life-coach training program to teach others how to use the same tools and principles to achieve this wonderful impact on others. 

In this coaching interview, we get to see what happens when Erin is coached by one of her own graduates, from the first 8-day program she ran.  In this case, the trainee happens to also be her romantic partner, Matt Murphy.  And while he does obviously have insight into Erin’s life and challenges above and beyond the use of tools he learned in this program, the way he used those insights was firmly grounded in the training she provided.

Check out the audios presented below, which showcases two halves of the recorded coaching session — originally aired in a two-part split on both Erin’s podast (Thrive Yoga Fit Transformational Coaching) and Matt’s own podcast (Dharma Knights). 


Want To Learn How To Coach Like Matt and Erin?

Are you interested in learning the techniques for life coaching, just as Erin practices (and Matt does too, as shown in this session)?  You can check out this program information page.  You can also fill out the form below and Erin will get back to you personally!


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