In today’s episode, Erin talks about how to Heal the wounds and Understand yourself. The first step in this process is allowing space for us to slow down and noticed ourselves. So often we do not put ourselves at the top of our priority list. If this goes on for too long, we have a tendency to slip into unproductive patterns. So the first app and correcting this is allowing space and time for us to get to know ourselves on an intimate level.

The next step here is Self Study. In the beginning it is tedious. We must learn to capture every thought we can and write it down. We must notice how each thought makes us feel so that we can start to understand our buried subconscious beliefs and behaviors.

A lot of our understanding of the world was unconsciously absorbed from our parents or caretakers and role models in our lives.

Once we study our thoughts in depth, we can trace the patterns and understand our beliefs. The leaves are just thoughts we choose to have often. So we want to understand why we choose these thoughts often, and recognize that we can change them. It takes work to change them, and some discipline but we gain control of our lives as a reward.

The final step here is to stay with her feelings. We all have at least one or two feelings that we really don’t want to experience. Mine is Shame. Some people have deemed that anger is wrong, sadness, guilt, whatever the feeling is we must allow it to go through us.

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