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Ishvara Pranidhana: Surrender with Guest Frannie Hoffman, Spiritual Intuitive and Life Coach

Jump into your life with your whole heart, trusting that you will fly to God! This jewel and our final niyama presupposes that there is a divine force at work in our lives and if we can surround to it, we can enjoy the opening of our hearts and accept the higher purpose of our being.

A perfect illustration of this Niyama is in Savasana which literally means corpse pose. In this posture we usually take at the end of yoga class, we let go and surrender that all that needed to be done has been and we accept the moment and its gifts without resistance.

Erin shares the story of how Frannie Hoffman helped her become more present and connected in her life. By staying connected to god and surrendering to the space by letting go of the ego, life comes to us with much more ease and we can navigate it more spiritually.

Frannie talks about her journey to trust herself to stay present and learn to stay present and get to know who she really is. She wrote a book called, From Modeling Clothes to Modeling Self. She said that what is great about the journey inward is that you don’t have to be perfect to find this place of God. She recommends staying humble to this human place in ourselves that is sometimes hard to look at.

Frannie shares her journey of how even the most minor pollutant put her into a catatonic state. In her journey she discovered it was less about external pollution and more about the internal pollution she had created inside by rejecting herself constantly.

As we journey inward we learn to face ourselves like nobody else could. That part we disconnect from that we are so afraid to touch, the key is to love and accept all parts of ourselves. In her work she shows people how to stay with every part of their humanity. She does meditation circles to help people reconnect.
We have to learn to heal so we come from an authentic self. We don’t try to heal the world so we can feel better. Healer must heal thyself first and by surrendering we have a doorway to that place.

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