What ever brings you to the mat. This is something I say often to yoga students because Everyone is seeking something different from yoga. Some students are looking for purely physical benefits like dropping 10 pounds, gaining flexibility, or because of pain. Others come for spiritual reasons, to connect deeper to themselves, alleviate stress, and the list goes on. I get students familiar with Sarasota yoga, Bradenton Yoga, and Anna Maria Island Yoga, and the subcultures within each of those areas.
The beautiful thing is that yoga can relieve whatever you ask because, it’s an exploration of self. It teaches that we need not seek elsewhere, the answer is within and it always has been, it’s just buried.
I have students that eventually want even deeper understanding and enroll in Teacher training to learn not only how to practice and teach skillfully, but how to navigate their lives in a loving, compassionate, and profound way. It’s a beautiful thing to watch, especially for those students who are willing to put in the work and experience the growth that is waiting for them.

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