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The Journey Starts with You: Island Retreat

There’s a difference between a journey and a vacation. A journey is demanding. A vacation is relaxing. A journey required we connect to ourselves and others. A vacation, both are optional. A journey requires our full attention in all earnestness with consistency. A vacation is a chance to check out.

I’m not into vacations so much. I want to sink my teeth into something. I want to feed my soul. I want my evolution. This is why my latest journey was to the Amazon Jungle surrounded Shamans, mosquitos, and 21 other hungry souls.

My journey within was painful. The universe knows I understand pain and so, it was my teacher. The lesson though was not that life is pain. For sure, that’s a part of it, but the real lesson was that journeying through it is one of the most rewarding experiences in life and it changes you.

When you are faced with challenge do you choose to run away? Perhaps it has been your pattern for so long that you don’t realize you do it. That was the case with me. But when you decide to consciously sit with it an travel through using the body as a vessel, the pain starts to dissolve. It’s like waking up from a dream. It’s jolting, but you can pinch yourself and feel alive.

Is it hard? Probably. Is there pain? Maybe. Is it worth it? Absolutely. You are worth showing up fully for yourself.

This is why I do retreats. We hold space for the inner journey. The good news is that you don’t have to travel to the Amazon to get it, we have it right on Anna Maria Island. Join me for a life changing yoga retreat May 15th-18th or May 18th-21st.

Who would you be without your pain? Are you ready to find out? Join us.
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