Energetic Awareness and Cultivating Healing Energy

Energetic Awareness

In this episode, Erin talks about energetic awareness and cultivating healing energy in the body to fully heal. The mind is fantastic for sure. But there’s some aspects of healing that cannot be done by the mind alone. We must travel into the body and flush out past pain to be able to move forward.

When we are in that God-like spaciousness, we are able to experience the power of unconditional love. We can use the mind and body together to find our pain point and once we are there we can travel into them and take back our power.

Guiding the mind to points of pain and then removing blocks together has been the most effective method of coaching I have discovered thus far.

Blocks to Awareness

In yoga we call these Kleshas and they are:

Pleasure seeking (Raga)
Ego absorption in I-ness (Asmita)
Ignorance (avidya)
Clinging to life or rather clinging to your way of life: Falseness (Abhinivesa)
Aversion (Dvesa)

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