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Being a Workaholic and setting Self BoundariesBeing a Workaholic

In today’s episode Erin tackles being a workaholic. Being a workaholic can go undetected because being a hard worker is usually praised. It comes down to respecting your time and setting proper boundaries so you can life a harmonious and balanced life.

We need to be clear on the boundaries we set with ourselves and why we set them. If we are not we will constantly violate them. And we need to be on to ourselves as far as what are patterns are if we are chronic violators of our boundaries.

We always reserve the right to hit the pause button on saying yes. This  is a new skill I have been developing. We do not have to commit right away to anything. We can always take time to consider all aspects and make a sound decision. The mind may try to convince us that  everything is an emergency and we need to take action right then and there, but this is an illusion. We can always take a few breaths, slow down and decide later.

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