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Negative thinkingHow to get out of a negative head space immediately

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Yoga is the process of freeing ourselves from the constraints of the mind and negative thinking.

The mind wants to put us in a little box so we can be contained.

It tries to convince us that we are nothing but flesh and thoughts trying to make the best out of things.

That we need All the Things and then we will be happy.

That we need the perfect body, job, spouse, friends, and then, happiness will come.

We know that isn’t true from evidence.

We get all the things and then we still feel hollow.

So this technique is a yogic technique that I developed through my own practice.

Here is my disclaimer: I am a yoga therapist and a recovery coach. I am no doctor and this technique is a sharing of what has worked with myself and clients.

This is a form of Kumbhaka for breath retention and lifting and releasing stuck thought loops.


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