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Do you suffer from an eating disorder? And what is Orthorexia?

Orthorexia definition

Orthorexia nervosa is not currently recognized as a clinical diagnosis in the DSM-5, but many people struggle with symptoms associated with this term.

Those who have an “unhealthy obsession” with otherwise healthy eating may be suffering from “orthorexia nervosa,” a term which literally means “fixation on righteous eating.”

A coach asked me what percentage of my mind space was being taken up by thoughts of food and body image… 35%.
When I was bulimic, my thoughts were around 60% focused on food and shaming my body.

We have constant cultural and media manipulation as far as what our bodies should look like. It is up to us to choose not to accept that and recognize we can be happy at any shape or size.

Study your mind and recognize what you think about, the percentages, and see if you’re happy with it.

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