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Recovery Tools: Real Life Application at Any TimeRecovery tools… how and when to use them

Depending on your emotional state and the amount of energy reserve you have, you can choose to use different tools.

Breath- Even when there’s chaos around you, you can always control your breath.

Drishti- so this means eye gaze. If we fix our vision on a point, we will feel less distracted and more focused.

Bandha- Energetic locks that draw our awareness inwards.

Journaling- Jot down your stream of consciousness thinking.

Jet Stream- Imagine all your built up thoughts being cleaned out like a pressure washer would a sidewalk.

Meditation/Yoga- If you have the energy and time, these are AWESOME to do daily.

Talking to a coach or coaching yourself- This was absolutely life changing for me and it’s why I have the courage, organization, and belief to step out into the sun so you can see and hear me.

Knowing your red flags

When you start spinning in your head ask:
How do I feel?
What do I need?
How can I give myself what I need?

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