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Live Coaching with Erin GeraghtyIn today’s episode Erin does live coaching with a former addict and bulimic struggling with trust, self worth, and indecision. Trust is a practice. We find that our guest was not given the space to make mistakes and so didn’t learn the emotional resiliency associated with making mistakes and coming back from them. We look at this with compassion as this was never modeled.

As we dig we find there is block on how to feel emotions from happiness to shame. Erin guides her client on how to fully experience presence and feeling.

Erin does these sessions once a month. If you are interested in being a guest on live coaching, email

Remember that this is a practice. Feeling your body, feeling your emotions. You will get better and get to know yourself more intimately, and then you’ll be able to trust yourself. It works the same way outside of ourselves. If we don’t know someone, we don’t trust them. The more you feel what’s true for you, the more you will realize how amazing you are and trust. Then comes acceptance. And then you will learn how to have your back and love yourself more. Your true self.

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