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Deal with Overwhelm

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When we are overwhelmed we are spinning in our heads and can’t focus.

The best thing is to get it all out.

Write it out, talk it out, but get those thoughts out.

Notice if there’s any particular feelings that come up when you’re writing everything down.

Journey into those feelings.

Sit with them and see what they have to teach you.

Why are you anxious, mad, frustrated, jealous, and so forth?

My mom didn’t show up for my wedding ceremony. I was pissed.

When I walked through the emotions with baby steps and allowed myself to feel… I went from Angry – Hurt – Vulnerable – Neutral – Compassionate.

But we can’t hop from one end of the spectrum to the other. If we want to escape the feeling too quickly we will just skim over it and not fully let it go and it will keep bothering us.

It takes practice and focus.

We do this work so we can show up fully and embrace life with all it’s Joy, Sadness, and anything else life hands us.


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