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New meditation is out! Hooray!

If you have spent so long rejecting yourself, it feel foreign to start loving yourself. It’s in our culture and very marketed not to love our selves. If we were happy and content, we wouldn’t buy or need as much. True happiness and contentment comes from within.

For me on my journey, I took a lot of my self rejection out on my body. It’s something I still deal with in bits. We can call it one of my constant practices. I have to be aware when I start comparing and contrasting or looking in the mirror for too long, because I do still have some judgey voices in my head about my body.

One thing I have found that helps is making it ok that I still have those thoughts. It takes the shame charge off of it. I look at it as a past pattern and a coping mechanism for my brain. That doesn’t mean I don’t take action to correct it. It just means I don’t shame myself when it happens. When I am in shame, I can’t think straight. It feel like I’m walking through a swirling thorny tornado that’s gray and I’m just waddling along with my arms outstretched grasping for whatever I can to bring peace.

I have found ways to love and appreciate my body and most of that is through movement. I workout and I enjoy it. I don’t do it because I have to, I do it because I want to feel good. I mean, I like feeling good. Yoga helps me with that as well. I enjoy stretching and bending my body. I feel like I am touching something deep inside of me when I do it. When I’m bending in a pretzel I find myself so grateful my body can do this.

By the way, there is not one case that has come to me that couldn’t do some kind of yoga. Yoga really is for everyone if you modify correctly. It’s about union. So when you’re in that space of breathing and opening, you reconnect to yourself and find love again. It’s really diving.

So the yang to my yin… roller derby. We just got back from a tournament and we got our asses kicked. I mean these girls were good.

Become aware of the statements you say to yourself about your body. Make it ok that you have those statement, and when they come up, don’t stress over them. Just look at them objectively. The more you switch your attention when they come up to something positive, the more they lose their power over you. It’s like if you feel trapped in a conversation with someone at a gathering, and someone else buts in and talks, you can more easily bow out. I know ya’ll have been there. Lol.

Then find all the things you appreciate about yourself.

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