Anxiety and the Sacred Pause

Yoga Teacher Training Retreat! (And Reiki Certification)

Beach Yoga and grounding myself to be the vessel. Before teaching class. Before doing energy work.

The breath teaches us with a pause between the inhale and a pause between the exhale.

When we are lost in the trance of doing, our lives are on automatic, and contracted by sense that something’s wrong or missing.

There was an odd fellow that presented at my studio, but he said to learn to sink into the space between the thoughts.

It was profound for me.

Trusting that everything I need to accomplish today will be provided.

Less avalanche more snow flakes


Taking note of how the universe works.

Retraining my brain to take it day by day.

Stand in my own truth.

We are vessels. We are in it.
 Our stuff comes up.

“The Fire” – Judy Brown

“… A fire 
 simply because the space is there,
with openings 
in which the flame 
that knows just how it wants to burn
 can find its way.”

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