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COmbating Negative Self TalkCheck out Erin’s retreat this May!!!

There are techniques for combating negative self talk and negative thoughts. I had a coaching session with one of my coaches Wendy. She said that I’m very good at being like water, and also creating space between myself and my thought. But she said I’m not very good at standing up for myself. This intrigued me. It felt like it plucked a string of truth in me.

I’ve been working on compassion so much and softening, but over the holidays the negative talking came to a head. I feel like every day I fight them, and I deal with resistance, but I don’t necessarily stand up for myself.

So, I tried it. I became aware of an abusive thought I had towards myself. One common one is that I’ll always be alone. That all of my friends will abandon me. So I started with, that’s not necessarily true.

It was interesting. I felt so foreign. But oddly satisfying like being picked on by a bully for years and years, and then finally punching them right in the nose.

The results of this new practice:

I have more energy and less resistance

I feel more uplifted in every way

I am suffering less

I feel more focused

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