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Speaking your truth.

The practice of Tantra and energy

Speaking your truth so freeing.
When I first came to Yoga the first two Ethics of yoga are non-harm, and truthfulness.
I worked on this first two steps so hard for years, and they are still the baseline of when I return to.

I recently had an experience with friends where there was a lot in unspoken and unsaid and a lot built up inside that needed to be released.

When we finally met up and talked, story I had created in my mind was so much different than what my friend was feeling. My mind has a tendency to go to worst-case scenario. Most of the time I can observe it and recognize that it is definitely an illusion. Now I find that if I’m not speaking my truth, it creates a lot more busyness in my mind and it is much easier to get caught in that tornado of thorns and assumptions.

I like to reference book the four agreements by Miguel Ruiz The first one is very applicable to me as not taking things personally because everyone does their own thing for their own reasons.

Everyone has their own rhyme and reason why they do things, and it has nothing to do with us.

I did a podcast on healing your past, and it’s so important because if we don’t heal our past, our future actions are going to repeat history and if the results or something we don’t want to shop in her life again, we need to take a real good hard look at what belief systems we have that are causing us to feel and act and follow suit.

So, back to the story about my friend. I noticed that leading up to the conversation, my throat was a little scratchy, my husband even commented that it sounded like I had a frog in my throat for the last few podcasts. It was interesting also because I noticed that my chanting wasn’t as crisp as it usually is.

And now today as you might hear, my voice is a lot clearer, I don’t have a slight sore throat anymore, and I just feel relief and a piece inside of me.

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