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The Power of Intention and special Breath Techniques

Manifestation is something I talk about fairly often, but it’s important. Creating the life of your dreams sounds appealing doesn’t it? It doesn’t just happen through luck. There’s a science and a process to it that you can follow to expedite the journey.

So first I talk about intention. Intention sets the stage and helps you get clear on what you want and why. You have to create a picture in your mind with as much detail as possible. Imagine it’s like writing a story. You are literally writing the story of your life.

Second, you have to create a feeling to pair with the electric to make it electro-magnetic. Your body can be like a magnet. It really is whether you do so unconsciously or consciously. You can determine what you draw in.

By doing 30 days of conscious manifestation, you will create an incredibly powerful magnetized energy to draw what you want to you.You have to do so though with earnest effort and focus.

Post Author: thriveyogafit