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Reward and Punishment Beliefs

Many of us have reward and punishment beliefs in our heads. For example we might feel that we deserve a reward after doing something difficult and perhaps that reward is productive or serving us. Like making a goal, smashing it and buying yourself a new outfit or a trip etc.I’m down with that.Sometimes though the reward could be self-destructive like bing drinking or smoking a bunch of weed or eating half a cake.

Now, I’ve coached people on many things one of them: food addictionSometimes there are beliefs that instead of love or in replacement of a loving feeling I can’t offer myself I will either

A: Get validation outside of myself or 

B: Validate myself with something outside of myself such as cake, alcohol, drugs.

We may be trying to quite a stress cycle roaring though us or just seeking a pleasant feeling.

Sometimes, we also have Punishment belief systems. For example, we might believe deeply within us that if we make a mistake, we need to punish ourselves and shame ourselves. This could come from our parents, our mentors, and many other places. By the way, it doesn’t have to be inflicted on you for you to learn it. It could very well have been modeled. How are your parents treat themselves, shapes your concept of reality.

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