Thrive Yoga & Fitness offers a wide variety of yoga and yoga-inspired fitness classes for the Bradenton and Anna Maria Island yoga community. Here you will find a yoga session or fitness class that’s right for you, your body and your mind.

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Gentle Yoga (Beginner Friendly)

A gentle class devoted to self-care, students will move through a series of standing and seated postures to open up the body and calm the mind. All levels are encouraged to find flexibility, strength, and inner calm in this peaceful practice.

Open Hips & Heart

A divine vinyasa flow that includes backbends, strengthening postures, and hip openers. This class will open up your front body and build your core strength. Integrate strength and grace in this challenging yet deeply opening yoga class.

Restorative Yoga

A gentle, nourishing class that combines restorative, yin, and deep stretching postures to enhance flexibility and mobility while reducing stress. Props are frequently used to allow your body to settle into the postures and release tension.

Therapeutic Yoga & Body Rolling (Beginner Friendly)

A gentle yoga class with a slower pace that blends elements of strength, balance, flexibility, and alignment. Movements are broken down and explained in detail, making this class a great option for seniors, beginners, students recovering from injuries, or anyone who enjoys a gentle practice. Myofascial release balls are typically used to roll out muscle tissue and fascia and to realign the joints.

Vinyasa Flow

An upbeat, whimsical practice that focuses on connecting breath and movement. Vinyasa helps to oxygenate the body while stretching muscles, strengthening bones, and improving posture. This class is recommended for everyone! For the beginner, vinyasa will teach you to practice safely and effectively. For the seasoned yogi, you’ll practice activating and integrating your muscles to refine alignment and increase strength and flexibility.

Warm Vinyasa Flow

A vinyasa-inspired class in a warm room with longer holds in poses. Students will be guided through a series of postures to build strength and increase flexibility while integrating the breath to find peace of mind. This practice is accessible to beginners but can also give the intermediate and advanced student a well-rounded practice. A towel is recommended, but not required.

Warm Yinergy for Enhanced Flexibility

A challenging practice in a warm room for the student who enjoys working up a sweat, but also has a need for deep flexibility enhancement. The first half of class will heat and prime the muscles by flowing through a playful vinyasa sequence. The second half of class will invite students to surrender into poses to promote flexibility and release tension. Muscle release techniques and props may also be used for this unique, powerful practice.

Yin Yoga 

A practice that focuses on holding stillness in each posture to deeply stretch the connective tissue. Designed to help you sit longer and more comfortably in meditation, yin yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3-10 minutes to access the deeper layers of fascia. A profoundly meditative practice, yin enhances flexibility in both body and mind.