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Hatha Yoga

With a passion for alignment-based yoga, Angela is known for refining our daily practice.  By incorporating the Universal Principles of Alignment, along with the Energetic Loops & Spirals, she guides students through foundational yoga postures more effectively, allowing advanced poses to be more obtainable. This non-heated class is designed to increase overall strength and flexibility, while leaving you feeling grounded, energized, and ready to take on anything life throws at you. All levels are welcome! With compassion and expertise, Angela offers modifications to poses for students when needed, while encouraging us to be open minded to challenges. 

Restorative Yoga

Angela’s versatile style and commitment to the practice, on and off the mat, is evident in this meditative class.  Primarily on the floor, using props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks, etc, all ages and levels are encouraged to embark in the art of surrender.  Give yourself permission to do nothing, focus on the breath, enhance flexibility and mobility, while reducing stress and restoring your mind, body, and spirit.  

Warm Vinyasa & Conditioning

Turn up the heat with Thrive owner and lead instructor, Erin Geraghty.  Learn to skillfully strengthen the muscles around your joints while getting a great full body workout and increasing flexibility.  Work up a sweet with this dynamic practice, topped off with signature chanting in Sanskrit during Savasana. 

Warm Yoga & Martial Arts

Kalari Yoga combines the dynamic kicks and combinations of Kalaripayattu, an ancient form of Indian martial arts, with the fluidity and breath work of yoga. It’s powerful, meditative, and an incredible workout with shamanic elements.  Increase flexibility through mindful movement combined with creative, fun, and challenging body weight exercises. This class is a proper butt kicking with the spiritual richness of Yoga.

Hot Vinyasa Flow

Nytza’s lighthearted nature, energy, and ability to provide a great workout is the perfect combination! We turn up the heat to 90 degrees as she guides you through playful movement, incorporating advanced Asanas (poses) such as standing balances, arm balances, back bends, and inversions. This class is sure to leave you feeling joyful, strong, grounded, and empowered. While it’s geared toward seasoned yogis, it’s meant to be fun and she’s always happy to offer modifications for beginners looking for a challenge.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Blended Yoga

Join Erin Geraghty, certified Ashtanga and Vinyasa instructor, for a blended Vinyasa practice that skillfully incorporates poses from the first, second, and third Ashtanga Series. Ashtanga Vinyasa is a classical system of healing yoga that incorporates all Eight Limbs, including proper breath control, eye gaze points, and energetic locks for a transformational practice that aligns your body, mind, and spirit.

Candlelit Restorative Yin & Sound Bath

Sink into a deep connection of body and mind in this relaxing class which combines restorative and yin poses with the soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes to support health and hydration of the facia making this class a great complement to an active practice, while the sounds and vibrations of the crystal singing bowls promote a deep sense of well-being and relaxation. 

Hot Power Yoga

Sweat away your day with Crystal as she turns up the heat to 90+ degrees and guides you through a powerful sequence, connecting movement with breath, sure to leave you feeling resilient and strong. This dynamic class will help you tone, strengthen, and cleanse the body and mind through sweat and surrender, pushing you to the edge and encouraging you to be the best version of yourself. 

Therapeutic Yoga & Body Rolling

Body Rolling, led by Thrive owner, Erin Geraghty, is known to be a transformative practice with spiritual and yogic themes woven throughout, topped off with her signature chanting in Sanskrit during Savasana. Erin has created a welcoming, safe space in our community and her ability to break down barriers carries over into her classes.  This isn’t your “ordinary” yoga class.  She uses various sized balls to guide students through rolling out different areas of the body, accessing deeper layers of facia and releasing tension patterns.  The physical practice however isn’t what makes it so powerful, it’s snippets of life coaching, encouragement to listen to your body, and the uncanny ability to see her students’ souls.  All levels are welcome and encouraged to incorporate Body Rolling into their regular practice.    

Warm Vigorous Flow

With a passion for alignment-based yoga, Angela is affectionately known as our “Queuing Queen” for refining our daily practice. By incorporating the Universal Principles of Alignment, and Energetic Loops & Spirals, she guides students through traditional Vinyasa postures in a way that makes them more effective, while allowing advanced poses to be more obtainable. This 90 degree heated class is designed to be a more vigorous Vinyasa flow tailored to seasoned yogis, however all levels are welcome, to increase overall strength and flexibility.

Hot VinYin Yoga

Experience the benefits of both movement and stillness.  We turn up the heat to about 90 degrees as Nytza guides us through traditional Vinyasa Yoga poses, while connecting movement with breath.  Then, settle into Yin Yoga postures to promote detoxification, improve range of motion and flexibility, decrease stress, slow the mind, calm the nervous system, and so much more.   This beautifully combined practice strengthens and primes the muscles, then allows you to release and surrender.   

Restorative Yoga: Calm Your Body & Mind

Appropriate for all levels, Restorative Yoga is a nice complement to more active styles by supporting conscious relaxation physically, mentally, and emotionally. When we are always on the go, it can be challenging transitioning to rest and restore mode.  Join Elise as she guides us through this meditative practice focusing on long holds, stillness, and deliberate breathing techniques.  Release habitual tension in the body and mind by practicing “meditation” as a somatic, embodied experience.  With the support of props, surrender all muscular effort to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system, combat the fight or flight response from everyday stressors, and LET GO.