Below are a few wonderful personal testimonials for Erin from her students, clients, friends, and podcast audience.  Check them out. 

“You’ve definitely helped me with back pain and flexibility.”
-Sean Price

“You brought high vibing energy, authenticity and joy to our shared workspace”
-Christina Cook

“Your podcasts, yoga on the beach have been enjoyable and helpful ! And your sunny disposition!”
-Carla M. Barone

“You pushed me (in the best way) to finally take that next step in my yoga journey and get my 200 hour. So glad I did! Also, our coaching sessions that helped me unlock my potential. Many thanks and a very Happy Birthday”
-Dustin Kramer

“Your podcasts are wonderful and very helpful.”
-Danielle Dankenbring

“You’ve helped me in more ways then there’s space in this comment field”
-Matt Murphy

“You’ve helped me figure out who I am… still working on it daily! Thank you for your friendship and inspiration!”
-Jessica Fisk

“Because of you I realized I wasn’t able to breathe fully and you fixed me. Because of you I’m on a path to become my best self. And you’re currently helping me heal my inner child.”
-Danielle Nicole

“You helped me when I was in the midst of a divorce to feel strong again. When you were working at Shapes. I had lost my feeling of self worth and empowerment, but in making my body stronger, you empowered me to also feel stronger emotionally.”
-Kara White

“…your vibe, attitude, the way you speak your truth, it’s inspiring and I enjoy following you. I wish I was closer to go to your classes and feel your healing in that way as well but I’ll take what I can get”
-Jessica Jacobs

“You inspire me to find peace within and to not be afraid of who I am”
-Robin Vickers Hight

“Girl you gave me the ability to see and step into my dharma. You have totally changed my life”
-Diana Hughes

“Bringing some joy to my 2020.”
-Aubrey Bird

“In a New Years Day class you helped me to let go of hurtful feelings and negative emotions and really begin to forgive.”
-Connie Waygood Borho

“Thank You for giving me the opportunity to share yoga with your students”
-Cecilia Lester

“Erin Colleen Geraghty you have helped me in so many ways. To start just going to your classes at thrive has taught me the spiritual side of yoga. Through yoga and the meditation you have taught me I have learned to sit still and quit my “ monkey mind”. Through your coaching and retreat I learned so many tools to process emotions and see negative thought patterns. I have learned it ok to have all different emotions and it’s ok to express them. I have learned how to sit with the uncomfortable emotions, to go to them and feel them and process them and be ok with them. To look at the dark and be ok with it. You really took so much time teaching me boundaries and how to set them, still a work in process. But I now know it’s ok to have boundaries and express when they are being crossed and that I don’t have to bend them for anyone. That it’s ok to respect and express my feelings and expect others to respect them as well. So thank you for so many life lessons! Oh and I didn’t even mention all the time you have spent relieving my aches and pains!! Specially through my pregnancy and being so creative with your bolsters so I could lay face down!!”
-Robin Medeiros

“I have too many instances to count. There are two that come to mind first though…one was when I got rear ended while pregnant. You came over the next day and gave me some reiki work to help me feel better. The other was when I needed a place to stay after I had just moved out and my rental was being tented. You left me stuffies on the bed, let me sleep late, and made me bubble baths ? I’m grateful for you!”
-Krista Renee

“You have helped me be braver, stronger, more confident. You’ve helped me learn more about myself in a time I was so lost. You continue to help me grow and learn and grant myself grace. You’ve given me tools to find peace when I feel there is none. And that is one of the greatest gifts.”
-Rebecca Lee

“You make the world a better place just by being you”
-Cindy Grout

“You have helped me by being my friend. You are so encouraging and compassionate. I want you to know, that I can’t wait for the day I can give you a big hug. I wish you the happiest birthday ever and pray God’s choicest blessing for you. You are a light to so many….keep shinning.”
-Claire Marie Miller

“Happy birthday!! I have enjoyed yoga with you on the beach with my daughters. Helped our relationship grow. Thank you!!”
-Kelly Mitchell

“Aside from enjoying your pod casts, you have kept me connected to my goal of returning to yoga when I am ready.”
-Sheila Ann Kellogg

“The first time: your supportive, calm demeanor helped ease my anxiety during teacher training ❤️
The grace, vulnerability and strength you embody have been very inspiring.”
-Monique Riviere

“You were my first inspiring yoga retreat host; continue to love your Podcasts; & learned much from your sessions during my yoga teacher training!! Keep being awesome YOU!!”
-Janet Green Riley

“Love the beach yoga when I’m in Florida and on Facebook when I’m not!”
-Jean Smith

“Somehow I stumbled onto your podcast and knew you were someone I wanted to talk to you and I am SO glad I did! Within several coaching sessions, I began to make breakthroughs on things that I had spent YEARS in therapy being stuck on! Most recently, as in yesterday, I said to my therapist, “I don’t know why I’m not struggling with these all of the sudden? Like where did they go?!” She said, “Elaine, I honestly believe it’s the meditation and the work you have done with your coach.””
-Elaine Coale

“You’re light has shown me a path that I never knew I was capable of taking. All the doubt I have towards myself fades away when I’m in your presence.”
-Stefanie Jarvis

“First of all you’re an inspiration to be your true self which can be hard to do in this real world. So you help me to except my person and I would also say you have helped me in my evolution on my journey to where I am becoming. Ever shifting ever-changing.On this journey of life. Thank you for being part of it and I know our paths will cross again soon.”
-Tiffany Christine

“You’ve helped me grow IMMENSELY in my yoga practice. I’ve added tools to my toolbox in healing from my past traumas because of your constant love and coaching. I’ve grown as a person and become more and more the person I’m meant to be every day.”
-Alexis Lucas

“Your book [helped me]”
-Melissa Maria Yavalar

“Your sweetness, your gift of perception..your intuitive nature..your touch …your celebration of all souls!!!!!”
-Jodi Eckhardt

“You helped me acknowledge a subconscious program running in the background that had me acting out of fear involving particular situation in my life. With this awareness my past year has been shifted to another level of understanding myself and growth.. funny enough, the very situation I feared actually recently came to fruition and I think I’m handling it a lot better than I would have had I not met you.. for that I’m eternally grateful!!:) Dhanya Ho”
-Derrick Hawkins

“First met you at beach yoga, I knew there was way more there, then fb posts and sharing, your authentic vulnerable heart, and most importantly by being such a bright light and a living breathing example of doing the work and continuing in the process of becoming … you inspire me to keep shining big and bold because you do.”
-Debbie Barnes McDermott

“I know I have probably said it a million times, but I truly do not know where I would be today if I hadn’t found your podcast that day. I was so sad and lost, but you gently took my hand and taught me how to find the potential and how to be vulnerable. You showed me how to love myself and that I am worthy of being loved. Because of you I now know how to turn fear into curiosity. As result, I have learned more than I ever have about myself. I can’t thank you enough for all the tools you’ve given me. My life will never be the same and thank goodness!”
-Kaelin Marie

“I remember when you did the personal meditation for me. That meditation was so personal to me and got me through a deep time. Thank you for the goodness you put out in the world”
-Brittany Bauhs

“You have helped me in so many ways but one thing that was a game changer is the roller balls to roll out your body with? they are the bomb digaty‼️ my body has less pain from it.”
-Chelsey Kai Laterra

“For starters, you helped me to feel good and confident in myself and my body again. You helped me walk better, improved my balance, flexibility, reduced pain that I was having, and taught me how to do handstands and cartwheels again! You’re amazing, I’m so thankful to have met you and gotten to become part of your tribe! Love you”
-Jay Rawe

“You helped me to fall back in love with myself, my self care, and saved my soul through such a dark time. Grateful doesn’t cover the magnitude of appreciation I have for your heart”
-Arika Marie

“You are an inspiration as a leader in our community in the yoga arena! Your body work we did was amazing, I’ve also enjoyed learning from you women’s self-defense, and one of my favorite yoga classes ever was at your studio and you were teaching! Also, I got the pleasure of seeing you bust a move once, and girl, you can bring it on the dance floor!!! You are a beautiful light!! I am honored to know you”
-Jenny Greene

“Erin you always have such an energetic and calming presence at the same time! Your posts are inspiring and kickboxing with you kept me soooooo motivated! I am so blessed that our paths have crossed”
-Amy Drummond Kimball

“You’ve contributed so deeply to my spiritual growth. You helped me learn how to sit with my feelings and embody them. You taught me how to process my emotions. You held such beautiful space for me through our coaching sessions. I am forever grateful. You are a beautiful soul, Erin. XXXOOO”
-Hila Schurr

“You taught me to release painful pressure points during body rolling, made me push myself in boot camp, and your positive energy and insights often help me when I’m depressed or bitter or not enjoying my space in the world. You are a reminder that we make our own lights and happiness and can open ourselves to that energy anytime even if everything else is on fire. Thank you.”
-Tanya Rakh

“You helped me embrace playfulness in my life, you help inspire me to continue learning “Always”, you inspire me to believe anything is possible…. you introduced me to my boyfriend who’s been the love of my life”
-Sylvia Sadira

“You instantly became a friend when we first met at the Tennessee retreat, and at the end of the retreat you told me how my presence helped out the other people who attended.”
-Kristofer Graham

“You have helped me in more ways than you know! Our coaching sessions, TPR, as my first yoga instructor, through the podcast, oh and friendship for many years at this point. xoxo”
-Eleni Sokos

“You helped me a lot when i lived on AMI for 5 winters. Our body work sessions were amazing and i always felt like Gumby afterward! The best! I miss those days!”
-Sheesh NA

“Happy birthday to my precious friend! Girl, you have no idea how you’ve impacted my life. I know I only took your classes for a short time but you are truly an amazing person. You made me feel so comfortable even though I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing. I moved away and couldn’t drive that far for your classes. You’re so loving and kind. You inspire me to be patient and kind. I was so excited to see you a few years ago. Even though you weren’t allowed to talk when you saw me you still gave a loving hug. I hope to see you again one day soon”
-Julie Barnett

“Your talks on Insight Timer have been a lifeline for me, bringing light into some of my darkest times. I’m forever grateful”
-Michael Ellis

“Hi Erin! You were helping me when you didn’t even know it. I stumbled across your podcast from the sivana podcast. I listened to each and every episode…. man, to say they were healing is a downplay. I felt like each episode was exactly what I needed at that very moment. All these podcasts eventually led me to a coaching session and ultimately a retreat with you. The circle we did at the retreat will forever stick with me. Thank you for your gift. Thank you for your sharing and your caring. Hope you have the very best birthday!”
-Lisa Gebhart

“You helped me find “me again” Love YOU so much!”
-Crystal Wolfe

“Thank you for being you, absolutely amazing and thank you for being able to take so much of my back and hip pain away!!!”
-Shelbi Jarosz

“I have loved your guidance through feeling my feelings in my body “
-Sarah Yost

“Your Sunday zoom sessions were much needed last year. It helped to have someone to help me find a little peace and get some stuff off my chest that I needed to”
-Vince Hannity

“I would be here all night if I listed everything so Ill just go with my favorite way youve helped me… accepting me in your life.”
-Emily Smith

“You have changed me. You have changed me in ways I may not even realize yet. The biggest and most important lesson you have taught me is to walk into my fear, embrace it and let it go. That fear doesn’t have to ever control me again. To be brave. That I have all the tools I will ever need right inside me. You have helped me conquer and control anxiety, improve my self esteem and body image, understand myself and how my head gets stuck. You have introduced me to the universal source and the overwhelming love that comes from all around me that I didn’t even know existed previously. Yoga, mediation, exercise, love, kindness, bravery, compassion for myself, it’s endless. You are an amazing gift in my life and I’m so deeply grateful I have you as my teacher and friend. Love you to the moon and back!!”
-Aleisha Brian VanAmburg

“Your words and the way you write really speak to my soul and heart. I have found so much healing in the things you have shared about recovering from trauma, eating disorders, and pain. You show up as a real, authentic Yogi in every single way. Your sister told me I needed to connect with you way back because we were similar, and now I see what a grand compliment that is. Keep spreading your love and divine goodness.“
-Amanda Christine

“As an inspiration and by reminding me it is okay to be a work in progress. That even the hardest days, the ones that break you, are just part of a bigger adventure. Thank you.”
-Stephanie Melendez

“You have helped me through my childhood issues, gave the community and myself a peaceful, positive place to be. You are an example of how people can change and make a positive impact on every life you touch. You are a coach, a guru, a healer and a friend. I am so thankful you have impacted my life. We are all a little bit better because of you!”
-Rona Hoard VanAmburg

“You have given me a haven to escape to when life gets just to difficult to deal with. I’m not sure I’d be upright if I didn’t have a place to let it all go and recharge. A place that is safe to laugh, cry and if needed be angry without fear of judgement, pity and indifference. Being in my 70s and starting all over in life is not easy but doable with the support and community that you provide for us. Hope your birthday was as special at you are and Thank you!”
-Kathy Kokernak Ware

“Erin you helped me Thru your life coaching listening intently, hearing me, and seeing what is possible once I Believe I am good enough! Your yoga sessions are incredible and that’s when I realized taking myself to the mat is where healing begins. You have a gift to crack people open to find the goods inside”
-Susan Renee Bright

“I am inspired by your thirst for growth and your commitment to your own self healing. I watch you share your light and wisdom wherever you are… through the joy of living and the valleys of sorrow. You remind me to embrace life fully. Thank you for being my mirror. I love sharing this life with you. You are always helping me to remember that life is beautiful just the way it is! You are amazing. I love you with all my heart.”
-Frannie Hoffman Kaluza

“You have helped me in so many ways. Listening to your podcast, attending retreats and the privilege of working with you on some coaching. I felt an instant connection with you the first day I walked into Thrive. Your community of amazing teachers is proof of your great leadership. Love you to the moon and stars”
-Piper Spurgeon

“Your positive posts and your honesty about past addictions have elevated me many times.”
-Lisa Barrett

“I […]just thought to myself there isn’t enough time to recall all of the ways you have helped me (because it’s lots!) But I had to come back & name a few. #1 you inspire me to further my martial arts training (I’ll never forget our days on the mat, you made me want to be better) #2 you inspire me to be open #3 you inspire me to pursue happiness #4 you inspire me to pursue natural healing #5 you are a positive light in my Mom’s life #6 you’re a safe place #7 your healing energy rubs off every time I see you. #8 you’re a great friend. I’m sure theres more but thats just a glimpse my friend.”
-Rebecca Joy Griggs

“You are always bringing positive energy and light to this world. Your post are so positive and kind. We need this in our world today with all the negativity and pushing ones own controversial opinions from their perceptive of their own journey everywhere we look. You offer classes by donation which is incredibly kind and selfless. It opens people up to yoga and other thoughts that people typically wouldn’t try or couldn’t afford. I know that has to be challenging for you at times running a business. You share your experiences that may have been not so good so others dont feel alone. You bring light into others journeys. Definitely!”
-Jenny Myers

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