Please consult the frequently asked questions below before an interview with Erin or her staff about this service.  The most frequently asked questions will be listed below.


How does this work?  How long until I start to see results?

Biochemical tissue salts are cellular level nutrition, so the effects are deeply transformative. But for those with severe malnourishment or autoimmunity issues, it may take 2-3 months to start seeing and feeling significant results.

That being said, most people notice huge changes in just a few weeks. You’ll notice your skin glowing and even the structure of your face changing. The reason is your body is releasing years of toxicity and inflammation. Those conditions have the underlying cause of inflammation and acidity being at the root.

When those conditions are improved, your body is finally able to detoxify itself, and when it does that, it can absorb these precious trace minerals.

How much are sessions, and how much do they cost?

As of now, official analysis with Erin cost $199, and sessions are typically about 40 minutes.

Can we do the sessions remotely?

For locals, they can be done in person, and for those online who submit photos prior, sessions are done over Skype.

If you are a long-distance client, you will need to submit payment prior to facial analysis. Methods of payment are:

  • Venmo: ThriveYogaFit
  • PayPal:

How many Formulas can I take at once?

As your practitioner, I try not to start anyone on more than three formulas at once. Typically, whatever formula you are on, you will need at least two months on that formula. We sell a 5-6 week supply for $110.
Clients must also pay tax on the formula, and if they are long-distance, they must also include shipping — which varies depending on how much is ordered, and where products are being shipped.

When do we take follow-up photos?

It is best to send follow-up pictures one month after starting the formulas because your practitioner will be able to see changes that you might not be able to see. Also, if a change in strategy needs to be made, your practitioner will be able to see that, and recommend any changes.

Are these formulas safe? 

The formulas are very safe. It is the equivalent of having nutritiously rich meal from the late 1800’s. The fact that our soils are currently depleted of over 90% of trace minerals is a huge reason why our bodies are unable to carry out the necessary cellular processes to keep us healthy. When your body has what it needs to detoxify and thrive, you will heal.

What else makes this service unique?

Erin’s sessions are unique in that she also may coach you during the session if she sees it’s necessary. This is meant to prompt important questions and answers that will help to fully form the case so the patterns of depletion can be clear and addressed.