In this episode, Erin shares about how she just finished with her recent Thrive Coach School graduating class, and discusses how important it is to maintain connection with spiritual community to stay on the path.

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2 Replies to “TYF347 – The Importance of Spiritual Community”

  1. I was excited to find A new resource for Yoga with Erin today. I listened to the Podcast on finding a spiritual community. I think of myself as A forward thinker and certInly far from being a prude. And I am opened open to almost any new ideas. But when I heard the F bomb and I heard s*** and I heard these words being used within the same context as Sanga, I have to say that my experience with you ended there. Just a view but I think that you may want to rethink how you present yourself as a yoga/spiritual/ teacher. You are relating to a very large audience that will judge you by what and how you put information out there.

  2. Hey Thayer,
    Well, I never positioned myself as a pious person, I’m a whole person who embraces shadow as well as light. If you judge me for using a curse word or two in my podcast, then it’s not for you. I have a lot of people love what I do and who I am because I present real. I’m not performing or trying to be something I’m not. I’m a yogi, studio owner, roller derby athlete and martial artist.
    And for the record, my most favorite spiritual leaders curse once in a while. It makes them human to me.

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