(Even if you don’t have the desire to teach yoga)

Many people approach me about yoga teacher training usually say something like,
“I’d love to, but I’ve only been practicing for a short while,” or “I can’t do
arm balances yet,” or even, “I’m so inflexible, how the heck can I teach this?
You DO NOT have to be an elite practitioner to take a yoga teacher training. In
fact, you don’t even have to have the desire to be a teacher. I’ve compiled a
list of the top 10 reasons why Yoga Teacher Training might be for you.

1. You have been practicing yoga long enough to develop a craving for something more.
If you have thoughts like, “there’s something to this yoga stuff,” or “I crave more of this deep understanding of soul connection my teacher talks about,” then yoga teacher training might be in the cards for you. In my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification, my favorite part was the talk about connection with inner being. I enjoyed the poses for sure, but I really craved to make a connection with the deeper part of me, and the training helped me connect.

2. You feel stuck in your life or you are in transition.
In Chinese, the word Crisis also bears the same meaning as Opportunity. Learning the deeper parts of yoga helps us to navigate life more skillfully and peacefully. The experience rapidly accelerates your personal growth journey. When we apply the tools we learn in training to our lives off the mat, we find we are not so shaken by circumstances and in fact, we flip them around and use them as positives in our lives.

3. You have a calling inside of you to help other people.
You know this itch if you have it. This is for the Empath, the Nurturer, the Philanthropist. The best part about learning the depths of yoga is that you also heal yourself in the process. So if you have always been the one in your family that wants to help, yoga teacher training provides your with tools to do so.

4. You find that you understand the world through physical intelligence.
I was one of these people. I understood concepts more if I experienced them through my body. Everyone is different, but in some people the body’s ability to understand is greater other more orthodox methods of learning. By taking yoga teacher training I was able to hone in on my special gifts and that has expanded out into body work and the ability to connect with myself better on a mental and spiritual level.

5. You have been thinking about it for a while.
Thoughts are powerful my friends and intuition can navigate it’s way by using our thoughts to nudge us in the right direction. If the thought keeps popping in your head to take a yoga teacher training, but you convince yourself out of it over and over again, it’s time to listen. What you get out of our yoga teacher training will FAR exceed any reasons why you think you can’t do it.

6. You can do more than you think you can.
You’ve heard this before. You know it’s right. But, I get it, it’s scary. As Marian Williamson says, “it is our light not our dark that scares us most.” We are afraid to be that shining light, but our playing small does not serve the world. If under that fear exists excitement and freedom, that’s your soul speaking dear. Listen.

7. You want to cultivate a deeper sense of compassion and unconditional love for yourself.
The first two limbs of the 8 limbs of yoga we are introduced to the Yamas and Niyamas. These are Yoga’s ethical practices and observances. The first thing we start to do in yoga teacher training is learn to love ourselves and shower ourselves with compassion. You will start treating yourself different and as a result your relationships will become stronger and deeper, your understanding of the world shifts, and love starts to pour from your words and actions. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.

8. You want to connect to your soul on a profound level.
Yoga is not a religion, but when practiced enough with understanding of the 8 limbs, it does become spiritual. This causes us to seek less outside of ourselves and we start to realize our own power to be everything we need for ourselves. We become the change we wish to see in the world.. Yoga teacher training not only provides the tools for that process, but also shows you how to ground yourself during the process so even as you shift, you learn how to take care of yourself and others as you grow.

9. You want to lead a healthy, well-balanced life.
The yoga teacher training at Thrive Yoga & Fitness  includes modules on Nutrition, Life Coaching, and natural healing modalities such as Reiki and Acupressure. We go past yoga, which is healing in itself and we teach you about many complements to help you further integrate a healthy lifestyle and learn to teach these techniques to others if you choose.

10. You want to learn how to heal yourself and others.
Yoga is an ancient science and has medicinal healing qualities. Taking yoga teacher training deepens your understanding of the energy systems everyone has locked in their bodies. Through practice and technique, you learn how to unlock them, balance them, and turn your body into a healing machine.


If you find yourself nodding your head at any of these reasons and are ready to experience personal growth both on and off the mat, then fill out the form below for more information or contact Erin@Erincoach.com

We begin March 9th 2018 and we are accepting no more than 10 people. Contact Erin@ErinCoach.com
I’m waiting.



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