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Emotional Drama vs. True Feelings
Coming out of addiction is like going from frostbite it burns and there’s pain at first and you have to get used to it
What’s your trigger emotion?
The one you can’t stand
I kept running away from my darkness until I understood that in it I would find my freedom

Yung pueblo

Emotional journeying fully being present with emotions
Walk towards it.
When you touch the surface it hurts
That’s the drama in the head
The drama makes it painful
Or if feeling emotions is not ok
And once you go into it, it softens.

Purposely cultivating feelings you don’t like, alternate ones you do like and continue this until you dissolve all of the drama away from the feelings. What’s left over is an innocent vibration you can stay with.
You know you’re not ready to move to the feeling if you’re trying to run away from your current feeling.

What’s the one feeling you wouldn’t want to be locked in a room with?

Post Author: thriveyogafit