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Boundaries in Relationships

To keep relationships functional we need boundaries.

One of the key elements here is we want our relationships to be based on respect and understanding and not control and manipulation.

When we don’t make boundaries clear, people will assume according to their upbringing, ethics, and perception of what is correct and that could be radically different than what we perceive to be appropriate.

So the most important thing to remember is that this relationship of respect and understand begins with you. How you treat yourself, your body.

Sometimes it’s easy to play the victim like, he made me feel this way or she forced me to do this or everyone is making me feel guilty.

It’s never the case. We get to choose.

So back to my roller derby team, I worked on like all of them doing body work on their shoulder, hips, necks, and so forth.

Some of them that really needed it didn’t ask. I have to respect that because even if my intentions are to help, if they don’t meet me halfway then they’re not open to it.

It’s the same thing with an addict, if they don’t ask for help, they are not ready to receive it. Relationships are a two-way street with both people working together. It’s the same thing with coaching, and it’s the same thing with bodywork.

Post Author: thriveyogafit