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Showing Up and Holding SpaceThe importance of Showing and Holding Space

Holding space is allowing yourself to listen with objectivity to what comes up when you dig without judgement or opinion.

We can do this with others.

What is not holding space is when someone opens up trying to immediately fix their problem.

They have the answers.

Sometimes people just need to talk it out and unbury their true selves from the heavy emotions and suffering.

Coaching and self work

Consistency is key.

You have to take so much consistently, and sometimes it’s frustrating because you dig and you’ll get big rocks that move, but then you dig and you only get pebbles. It’s easy to get discouraged and wonder why am not better yet. But the truth is it’s a daily practice to make progress. But perfection is an illusion there’s always something to work on.

It’s the same with yoga. Sometimes you have these big breakthrough and other days you feel 10% better after class.

We show up and hold space because we love ourselves and we want to see that reflection of ourselves in the world.


Post Author: thriveyogafit