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Dedication to Recovery - The Fight for your Life

Erin discusses Dedication to Recovery

The fight of your life:

Take away the power from the substance and give it back to you.

Realizing that you have the power always (and by that I mean, you always have the choice to be connected to higher power or universal force, god).

You are not your mind, body or thoughts.

You can choose to observe them rather than get sucked into the old familiar pattern, and that’s all it is my friends.
Painful beliefs.

Thoughts that cause painful emotions that vibrate within you and direct your actions.

Learning to deal with uncomfortable feelings bit by bit.

Holding space for them. Again, creating separation.

It is a life long learning lesson, but it gets lighter.

Remember why you want to show up in your life.

Find your purpose.

I was feeling anxiety last night. I wanted some ice-cream or something to numb it. But when I remembered that

  1. It will pass
  2. It’s not me, it’s just stuck energy in my temple
  3. Ask myself what do I need?
  4. I found out I needed some hugs from my boyfriend and to meditate. So that’s what I did. It went away.
  5. No reflection on my character. No defection. Just an old pattern.

I work with bodies.

A commitment to healing the relationship you have with your body and with yourself.

I have compassion for this body, I have compassion for this mind, I have compassion for this part.

It takes constant digging, and a passion towards letting your light shine. Do you have to know it’s there and it’s available to you.

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