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Love is the most powerful force on the planet.
I have been reading about ayahuasca lately and the people who have profound healing are the ones the feel the overwhelming vibration of deep love for themselves.

We can create that for ourselves.

Opening your heart heals all the other emotions you’ve kept stuck in your body.

What’s keeping you from loving yourself?
Recognize it and just know it’s a practiced habit you’ve become good at.

How can I take care of myself?
How can I show myself love?

To put it into action:
Clean clear practice in place
Habit- cue until it becomes habit
Create a space every morning so there’s no excuse

It’s not an option. We decide ahead of time what our routine will be for the next day.

Back bending practice

We close our chest when faced with uncomfortable feelings if we reopen our heart then we will process the stucco emotions and feel lighter and more filled with love because that is our true nature.

Start with some blocks under your back. Shoulder blades down your back. Take one block in position one underneath the shoulder blades, and the other block in position one or two underneath the head.

Passive stretch

Take a block to the wall, arms extended on finger tips and melt your heart forward and look up.
Take a strap and reaching overhead pulling apart on the strap allow the chest to open

Look at the next day and plan out everything. How will you work this new habit into your life? What use a Reminders will you put in place to make sure it gets done? Be sure that the intention is from a place of love.

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