Thrive goes to Bali! October 12-18th 2020

Ever since I visited Bali 2 years ago, I have been itching to return. I didn’t know much about it when I went, but a wanderlust buddy of mine was keen on it. She asked me and so I nervously said yes.

The flight is definitely a haul, but luckily I’m like a baby with the pleasant vibration of the plane in the air and it lulls me right to sleep, so I was able to, as I call it, time travel about half of the way to Bali.

When we landed, the warmth and slightly cool breeze reminded me of Florida without the mugginess. I felt safe, I felt energized, and I recharged as soon as I could with the juice of a whole coconut (which I continued that trend every day I was there). 

Ubud captured my heart as it would any yogis. To me it felt like Yoga expressed as a town with all the statues of Ganesh, Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Shiva Lingam everywhere. Every corner seemed to have shops with malas, crystals, yoga mats, Namaste’ in Bali t-shirts. Every restaurant had healthy options like acai bowls with chia seeds, fresh dragon fruit, mangosteens, organic farm raised eggs, meats, veggies, smoothies, and any other healthy elixir or cocktail you could imagine. 


Around Ubud monkeys ran around causing minor mischief like stealing an unguarded piece of fruit or pulling straws from a wide-brimmed hat. All of this was incredibly amusing to me. 

Artisans were on every corner. Sanskrit chanting bellowing out of every shop, smells of fresh spices and herbs wafting through the streets, and shrines to all the deities every hundred feet or so. 

I thought to myself I could get lost just around here for days.


At night, we were able to find a few clubs with a relaxed atmosphere that even had some dancing, lychee/mango/dragon fruit martinis and floral hookahs (though I’m not personally into that last one, but it  just added to the exotic flavor of the whole experience). For a moment I thought to myself, “I can totally live here!” as one does when falling in love before I remember that wouldn’t exactly be feasible. (It’s fun to pretend though!)

We also ventured to different temples and I have to say, the best part about Bali is the people. They are so incredibly sweet and helpful. You feel safe. You feel welcome. You feel home.



Bali is an incredible place that captured my heart and so now I’m leading a yoga and coaching group there in October!

Join Erin E-RYT 500, podcaster, and certified life coach from October 12th to the 18th as we explore Ubud and Canguu.
Bali is know for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs.
This trip taking includes daily yoga and meditation, 2xs group emotional journeying and life coaching, accommodations, breakfast everyday, a surf excursion, excursion to a monkey sanctuary, visit to the Shakti temple, (PURA ULUN DANU), exotic fruit tasting, and a trip to the elephant sanctuary.

$1299 (full bed)
$1399 (Queen/King Suite)
$999 (Shared room)
Non-refundable Deposit $500 due by Jun 1st


The place we are staying is GORGEOUS. It’s also family owned and run, has an infinity pool, luxurious accommodations, healthy options for breakfast, and is just 15 minutes away from Ubud!

The owners are incredibly kind and helpful so you can relax and know you are taken care of. 

All of your excursions are included in this trip. You might find other retreats that are about this cost or slightly lower, but I guarantee they do not include all excursions, breakfast, and not just yoga every day, but also coaching circles, professional photos of the trip, and the itinerary I’ve put together. I ALWAYS over deliver and I’m happy to because it comes from a place of overflow, love and care.

You will feel loved on this trip, taken care of, but also have time for some personal adventure as we have worked in a good amount of time for your own exploration.

So, I hope you’ll join us. Spaces are limited to 12.