Thrive Yoga & Fitness offers a wide variety of yoga and yoga-inspired fitness classes for the Bradenton and Anna Maria Island yoga community. Here you will find a yoga session or fitness class that’s right for you, your body and your mind.


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Foundations of Yoga

This class breaks down the yoga postures and pieces them together in fun and interesting ways. This class is recommend for everyone. For the beginner, it will teach you how to practice safely and effectively and for the seasoned practitioner, you’ll learn how to activate and integrate your muscles to refine alignment and build new strength and flexibility.

Gentle Flow (beginner friendly)

This beginner-friendly yoga class is blended with elements of strength postures, balance, and flexibility enhancement. The movements are broken down and explained. This class is a great option for seniors, anyone recovering from injury, beginners, or anyone who enjoys a nice gentle practice.

Restorative Gentle Yoga

A gentle yoga class mixed with restorative, yin, and deep stretching postures to enhance flexibility and mobility and reduce stress.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa flow is a fun and whimsical practice meant to connect breath and movement. The vinyasa movement helps to oxygenate the body, while stretching the muscles, strengthening the bones, and improving posture. Vinyasa is the bread and butter of yoga practice.

Ashtanga Progressive Full Primary Series

Ashtanga is a very traditional and vigorous form of Yoga passed down to Sri K. Pattbhi Jois. This class is the whole package of yoga. You will build strength, endurance, flexibility, and who knows, it may just change your life. Prepare to transform your body and mind. Yoga experience is recommended for this class. A towel is strongly recommended but not necessary.

Warm Power Flow

Just enough heat to warm up the muscles. This heated flow yoga class is a blend of vinyasa with longer holds in poses.  This yoga practice is accessible to beginners, but can also give the intermediate and advanced student a well-rounded practice. A towel is recommended, but not required.

Hot Vinyasa Flow

This hot flow is a blend of vinyasa with longer holds in poses. This hot flow is accessible to beginners, but can also give the intermediate and advanced student a well-rounded practice. A towel is recommended, but not required.

Hot Power Flow

Build strength, balance, and flexibility in this hot Vinyasa-based class.  Explore traditional yoga poses blended with playful transitions for a stress-relieving, heart-building, strong yoga practice.

Yinergy Yoga for Enhanced Flexibility

Yinergy yoga is for the student who enjoys working up a sweat but also has a need for deep flexibility enhancement.  The first part of this yoga class will warm and prime the muscles to release with some playful Vinyasa Yoga, then the second half of class we surrender into poses to promote flexibility. Muscle release techniques and props may also be used for this unique powerful practice.


Body Rolling

This class is meant to free limitation and restrictions in the muscles, greatly enhance flexibility, and eliminate chronic stress and tension. The class is powerful. It teaches you how to breathe and let go, while also structurally realigning your muscles and even bones. This class is for EVERYONE!  Please try it at least once. It could change your life.

Gong Meditation

The Gong is a very powerful tool you can use during meditation. Effecting us physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically by creating a profound space of relaxation, and bringing us into the “NOW” where we can connect to our own truth. Allowing yourself to relax in the vibrations of the gong can shift our consciousness into a higher state.

$5 Meditation and Chanting

Meditation and Chanting is a class to clear the mind of distractions, stress, and unwanted clutter so we can focus on the things that are important and meaningful in our lives.  We prep the mind by singing chants to work out energy blocks and prep the mind for stillness and then we sit and enjoy the peace together.  Meditation enhances our focus in sports, yoga, and everyday life. Come to class and start changing your life.