Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions can help you decide what class to take, how to book, and what to bring if you are new to Thrive. If you have any other questions then feel free to contact us.

About Thrive

What’s the difference between yoga at your studio and a corporate gym?
Typically the class sizes at Thrive are more intimate and provide more personal attention than at a corporate gym. Our average class size is 6-10, meaning you get a much more unique and tailored experience. We are confident that you will feel welcome as soon as you enter the doors of our cozy studio.

Do you sell water?
Absolutely. Bottled water is available for $1.

Do you provide yoga mats and props?
We provide all props such as blocks and straps for free and offer yoga mat rentals for $1.

Where are you located?
Thrive is located at 8819 Cortez Rd W, Bradenton, FL 34210.

Do you offer certified teacher training courses?
Yes, the next teacher training program starts on April 15th. More information can be found here.

Do you offer one on one courses?
Yes. We offer one one one yoga classes as well as mind body services such as reiki, thai yoga, and life coaching. For more information or to book, click here


Getting Started

Am I too old to do yoga?
No! Yoga is for every body and everybody.

What should I wear?
We recommend wearing comfortable and breathable clothes to all of our classes, and bringing a towel to our hot and warm classes. Please remove your shoes upon entering the yoga studio. Yoga is practiced barefoot, giving you more grip and balance. Also, leaving your shoes at the door ensures a clean and symbolically sacred area to practice in.

How early should I show up before class?
Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class.

I've never done yoga before- how do I know that it's right for me?
The great thing about yoga is that you can always modify or opt out of poses and all of our instructors give modifications and progressions of each of the poses. Gentle flow is a great class for first timers. We also offer one on one sessions if you want to feel a bit more comfortable coming into your first class.

I don't think that i'm flexible enough to do yoga.
Thinking you aren’t flexible enough to practice yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a shower. You do not need to be flexible, strong, coordinated, or balanced to start yoga. In fact, starting your practice is the best way to develop all of these things. Yoga is about starting wherever you are right now- the practice (and Thrive) accepts you as you are today without judgement or expectation.

Should I eat before class?
It is best to avoid heavy meals at least two hours before class. Some people prefer a completely empty stomach while others prefer having a small snack beforehand.

I’m under 18, can I come to a class?
You’re more than welcome to come do a class with us, although any students under 16 looking to attend a hot yoga class must be accompanied by a parent.

I’ve done yoga before but I’m not an expert. Is this a good studio for me?
Of course! We are a warm studio with a strong sense of community. We are not here to judge you, but rather to help you feel good about yourself, challenge you, and empower you.

I have chronic pain in my back can yoga help this?
Yoga is an ancient art and science that helps the body heal itself so any of our classes would be helpful for you. That being said, sometimes it is more beneficial and quicker to do one of our one on one services such as thai yoga, or reiki to address your needs. Please make us aware of any illnesses or injuries that you are managing so we may best assist you.

My instructor said Namaste at the end of class, what does this mean?
Your teacher will end the class with the ancient Sanskrit word, Namaste. Nama means to bow, as means I, and te means you. The phrase literally means ‘I bow to you’ and is a representation of the belief that there is a divine spark or light within each of us. The gesture is a form or respect, connection, and good will. It is a wonderful way to end your practice. Namaste is performed by placing the hands together at the heart chakra, closing the eyes, and bowing the head.



How do I book?
You can purchase a class pack or sign up for a class by going to the yoga classes section of our website and clicking register for class or by clicking here. All of our bookings are completed through Mind Body Online.

Can I just drop in?
Booking ahead is not required, but it is strongly recommended to ensure your space in class. However, drop-ins are always welcome.

I see you offer beach yoga but I can't find it on your booking site. How do I sign up?
Our beach yoga is every Saturday and Sunday from 8:30-9:30am and is donation based. There is no need to sign up, simply come to the Pine Avenue beach entrance on Anna Maria Island (near the Sandbar restaurant) and bring a large beach towel or blanket to practice on. This practice is suitable for all levels and runs year round, weather permitting. Check out our Beach Yoga Facebook Page for up to date information about beach yoga.

Is there an expiration date on class passes?
Class passes expire after six months.

Do you offer gift cards?
We do! Click here

I see you offer unlimited yoga. Is there a cancellation fee?
There is not a cancellation fee, but there is a minimum commitment of 3 months.