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Open heart, open mind with Wonder Anew
Open heart, open mind with Wonder Anew
Open heart, open mind

A wonderful friend of mine, Susan Michael Barrett started a website called, “The Wonder Anew Project.” If you’re looking for a daily dose of inspiration, I highly recommend it.

Yoga was a huge part of my transformation. It reminded me that I have the strength to go inside and battle the necessary battles to be happy and balanced. I hope you enjoy and check out other posts from the site.

After bringing awareness to my thoughts, I started finding ways to let go of that toxic clutter and invite in seeds of love to grow. I started working not to knock myself down, but to lift myself up. This is still not easy and takes daily discipline. The reward is amazing though. I look at myself and I love what I see. People feel loved in my presence, because I do love them. I have so much love for myself and others that it overflowed into a yoga studio where I now have a sacred piece of my heart to share with the world.

When I let all of the armor fall off, I didn’t become weak, I became stronger.

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