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It’s funny. I remember when I first decided to become a yoga teacher, I proudly told people what I did only to have the statement followed with a question, “Well, no, what do you REALLY do?” People couldn’t understand how I could make yoga my career AND pay my bills, AND save money, AND live the yogi lifestyle. It’s possible though, I’m living proof. So now I share with you how I made it happen.

1.Have A Vision- I am in the belief that the universe will provide what we ask of it. It creates what we desire as long as we put it out there, but if we don’t even know what we want, how can it provide? I know. This sounds like fluffy stuff, but it’s really not. How can you create something when you haven’t a direction or blueprint to go by? You might create something similar, but you are in control of your future, so why not create EXACTLY what you want? Sit down. Write out how you want to FEEL, what you want to be doing 1, 2, and 5 years from now (heck, even 10 years from now!) and then break it down into smaller goals. For example, if in one year I want my studio to exapand and have a second location, what do I need to put in action NOW to make that happen? I have to break down the man power I would need, financial resources, marketing, list of supporters and students, how do I want it to look, feel, where? There’s A LOT of questions there. So just start by having a clear vision, then break down the goals you need to achieve all the way down to the week and even daily tasks to accomplish it. You got this.

  1. Be Passionate About What You Do- So let’s nip this in the bud right now. If you’re not passionate about yoga, if you don’t practice it in your life, and if you’re don’t know how you could live your life without it, forget it. Because when you’re first building up and you have 2 people showing up for class for a few weeks, you’re going to start doubting yourself. It’s natural, and we all do that. You might even ask yourself why am I trying to peddle this to people? Listen, the best advertising you can do is to life the yoga lifestyle yourself. Constantly clearing your mind of obstacles, connecting to divine, keeping your body healthy and strong. I’m not saying you have to be the perfect yogi, but you want to practice yoga on and OFF the mat. It’ll train your mind for success.

  1. Build Your Tribe– It takes a village to run a successful yoga business for sure. Now, there may be RARE exceptions to this, but for me, when I started reaching out to other yogis and talents in my area, that’s when my business really took off. You’re going to need the energy of friends, family, and other people in the field to really make an impact. If your #1 is a vision of a HUGE studio, or a HUGE following, you’re going to need a HUGE tribe! So share your vision, share your passion. Get to know people in the business. Learn from those who have done it with an open heart and mind. I know I personally love someone hungry for knowledge, so go out there and get yourself a knowledge sandwich.

  2. Keep Yourself Accountable- Ok, so up until now, the steps have been fairly easy. I feel this one is the hardest one. How can you keep yourself accountable for this grand plan you have and the steps you need to take to get it done? Make it NON-NEGOTIABLE. Write it down in your planner and protect that time just as you would any other serious appointment. Done. You make your plan, you lay out the steps, you set appointment times with yourself or people to help and you GET IT DONE.

  3. Know That There Will Be Obstacles- Of course. I wish that yoga created a magical bubble over us and that nothing unpleasant ever happened. But hey, think of all the struggle and suffering and growth you’d miss out on? Going all in on yourself and believing that you can do it is one of the most liberating and terrifying things you can ever do. Know that getting OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE IS NECESSARY. You know it’s true. Ask anyone who has accomplished something great and worthwhile. Sure they may appear calm, cool, and collected, but getting shit done is HARD WORK. Just know that you have everything it takes to do it. Believe in yourself. You are the most precious thing you’ve got. You are invaluable and worth every ounce of sweat you put into building up your dreams and creating a life that makes you happy and fulfilled. I mean, we’re here anyways. Your dreams are just waiting to be realized. Go get them.

So, get out there and kick some ass yogis and yoginis. You got this. YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. You are strong, you are smart, and you have a unique gift that the world NEEDS. Don’t play it small, GO BIG.

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Namaste my lovelies.

With love and high fives,

Erin Colleen Geraghty

Owner/Master Trainer Thrive Yoga & Fitness

Certified Life Coach & Weight Loss Coach