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Vulnerability and Growth
If you are an addict in recovery and/or recovered from an eating disorder and If you’d like to coach with me, you can contact me at

Today’s episode I dive into my own story and journey and how I went from an Addict and Eating Disorder to a Yogi and a coach.

Growing up in a rough neighborhood

Mischievous started turning into drug use

The role of martial arts in my life

Watching my friends die

Moving away to college

Hiding and trying to keep it together

Eating disorder at its worst

Trying to get help and being rejected

Living in Japan and a failed marriage

Teaching high school English and becoming bedridden from stress and sickness

Acupuncture, Yoga, and seeking health

Crying, and allowing vulnerability

Coaching and nutrition

Developing compassion

Forming deep and meaningful relationships and repairing

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