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In this exclusive interview with Tim Goyetche from the Goyetche Institute, Erin and Tim discuss the role of epigentics and neuroplasticity in the accumulation, but also the HEALING of trauma.

Tim Goyetche is a Licensed Naturopath, trained and certified in Classical Homeopathy, CBT, Holistic Nutrition, Master Herbalist, and Clinical Kinesiology (to name a few).

Tim is the owner and founder of the Goyetche Institute and helps people all over the world as has for almost 30 years

These incredible insights and more are used in the facial analysis Erin performs for many clients on the path to improving their health and well-being.  It’s an incredibly sophisticated process informed by Tim Goyetche’s brilliant tools and analysis models, which can reveal so many aspects of your state of nutrition and holistic health… but it’s also painless and fairly quick to complete!

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Post Author: Matt Murphy