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At Thrive, we want to celebrate YOU!
You make Thrive the community that it is. 

You’ll notice at the front desk we have a sign in sheet where you can put a sticker every time you come in. Be sure to sign your name in the column and put a sticker down every time you attend a class at Thrive. Whoever has the most stickers at the end of the month wins a free session with Erin.

You’ll also notice us mentioning unlimited member perks which has been almost a year in the making! We will now be having a once a month posture breakdown workshop with Erin or Angela that’s only $5 for unlimited member as a thank you for being so committed to your practice.

We will be posting a live video in the Thrive Yoga Fit Community once a month of a posture breakdown.

Finally, we will be celebrating a Thrive Member of the Month, starting with John Ingold!

Congratulations, John!!!

John has been coming to Thrive for years and has changed so much. He has always been one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, but the lightness in his presence, and the improvement and his posture and practice is inspiring. We love you so much, John. Congratulations on being a member of the month.

Happy Dog ? Posture breakdown workshop with Angela Simone: Exploring the details and integrations of downward facing dog.

Downward facing dog is a posture we all know, it’s done in pretty much every yoga class. Learn how to integrate to strengthen your shoulders, open up your back and hamstrings, and strengthen your core.

***$5 for members (must sign up ahead of time), $20 for non-members***

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