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inside the mind of an addictInside the mind of an addict: and how to deal with us.

Understand and coping with an addict.

We have unaddressed Pain on the inside.

It has nothing to do with you, and we are in such a chaotic cloud of pain that we can’t see past your own nose.

It’s minute by minute, hour by hour, how can I get through today. Whether we choose to do it sober or not it’s still difficult.

Love is non-existent so we scramble to find whatever peace we can.

For me there was this panic whenever I was alone, whenever I could drink or take pills.

We have our heads up our asses. For real. We are so consumed with the chaos in our heads we don’t consider anyone else’s feelings

We don’t know how to sit with our feelings.

We disconnect from ourselves easily.

We have hidden subconscious beliefs under the surface that drive our actions.

From experience it’s often, I’m unworthy, unlovable, or I don’t matter/invisible.

The best thing you can do is manage yourself and hold space for me.

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