Feeling stuck
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Stuck is Stagnant energy which equals pain.

Notice the breath it’s probably shallow
You get second thoughts, we get stuck in movement patterns, we get stuck in the repetition.
We get stuck because at some point we took the mindfulness out of the pattern.
The state can block us from learning and receiving and of course giving. I think sometimes the state as far as understanding why we might go into it, is to take a small break. They become bored, and check out because we just need a few minutes to collect ourselves. So that is fine, I’m talking about when we have been in this mode for a while. I’ve witnessed some people be stuck in this mode for years.
I said sometimes we need to shake it up a little bit.
The breath attention technique helps
I was about to play a game last night, and I checked in with myself and I realized I didn’t have that usual spunk I want when I play.
I mean, roller derby is a fun game and I love it, where is that passion?
So I realize that I just feel kind of stuck.
I’m times when I check in with that feeling it feels like on lethargic or lack energy. That’s just on the surface level.
When I take a few breaths and stay with myself, I realize that my body has nearest just fine, sometimes it’s not when it’s not I’ll eat something or make sure I’ve been taking proper vitamins.

But, when all that has been handled and I realize that I’m just stuck, I might do some pranayama to get the energy flow moving again.
Anyways at the game I did my breath technique, and as I release the breath I realized all this tension I was carrying around in my body and I decided to let it go in that moment. I did this a few times. I had an amazing game.
So, to get yourself out of the funk and move forward for breath attention technique.
You might also have a mantra that you chance
Do some yoga stretching with deep breath.
The important thing is to feel your body and make contact again.
Specifically take a hard opener. We all have energy meridians through us, and the heart energy can process 60 times but the brain can.
So if you feel stuck, you just have to lead with your heart not with your head.

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