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Learning to Process Emotion – Allowing and Accepting vs. Resisting

Meditation Mantra: “Accept and Allow.” Accept and allow whatever is true for you in the moment to flow through you, releasing resistance along the way.

Accepting and allowing yourself to feel emotion is often the missing step in treatment that will ultimately make your recovery a long term success.

Resisting unpleasant emotions is like wading into concrete and settling in. What if you could breathe your way out of that stuckness? Inhale – accept. Exhale – Allow. Repeat until unstuck!

Technique to get your emotions “unstuck”: Get a pen and paper and breathe your thoughts onto the page in a completely unfiltered stream of consciousness. Do the words on the page seem the same as when they were stuck in your head? Or do they feel lighter and more forgiving? Look at each thought compassionately and ask – Why am I choosing to think this?

Post Author: thriveyogafit