Love and Family Healing

I believe that healing within the family is such a wonderful opportunity for growth in recovery. You can do this with or without them. My brother came to visit!

Lack of communication with my brother over the past year triggered some pain in me left over from my sensei. The believe was something like this”

I love emotionally unavailable men that don’t love me in return

I love them fiercely even though they don’t reciprocate.

How pathetic

Truly heartbreaking and heavy belief to sit with.

By coaching myself regularly, meditating, and doing yoga, I start to break down these belief systems and my circumstances change. I have found that creating clarity in my mind, not judging how others express love, and also reminding myself that even if they don’t love me, it has nothing to do with me. That’s their inner journey that they’re sorting through.

By doing the inner work before my brother came, I was able to love him fully without judgement and only love. We still did discuss some uncomfortable topics of what we have been going through internally, but because it was greeted with love, it was a much smoother conversation.

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