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Switching Addictions

It’s so common for us in recover to switch around addictions. We swap food for sex, for alcohol, for pot, for codependency, and the list goes on and on. We do this as a way to cope. It becomes our patterning and sometimes it feels like we are just straight-up insane.

But if we remember we are not our minds, our bodies, or our thoughts, we are the consciousness that pulses below the surface we can start to create some space between us and the addiction and realize we were never an addict, we just have a lot of unaddressed pain. We want love and acceptance just like everyone else, but we have been internally denying ourselves.

To stop the addictive cycle we must:
Recognize the additions are just patterns and not us
Become aware of what triggers us and how (Using the CLEAR formula)
Start addressing the pain underneath gently with compassion
Sit with our feelings
Keep practicing sitting with our feelings and letting whatever comes up to be OK.

Post Author: thriveyogafit